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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Survival is Modern Warfare 3′s Most Exciting... 


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Uncharted3 - Drakes Deception

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review

Nathan Drake’s latest journey is a treasure... 

10/26/11 10:16 PM

Survival is Modern Warfare 3′s Most Exciting Aspect! Multiplayer didn’t change much, but Survival’s new & fun.     Release Date: November 8, 2011 With the dust settling and new multiplayer information on the table, Call of Duty’s inaugural convention has finally... 

10/26/11 8:54 PM


Uncharted3 - Drakes Deception
10/24/11 8:37 PM

Nathan Drake’s latest journey is a treasure unto itself.   Release Date: November 1st, 2011   Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is the reason I play video games. From the smile plastered on my face during the opening montage to the disbelief that swept over me as Chapter 2 began... 

10/24/11 6:47 PM

Dance Central 2 will get you grooving with its impressive routines that strike a fine balance of accessibility, challenge, and fun.   The Good Challenging choreography Smooth animation makes routines easy to follow Excellent training mode Two-player battles are heaps of fun Wide-ranging... 

10/24/11 6:41 PM

Forget plastic axes; this guitar game is the real deal.   The Good The technology works very well Tons of learning tools for beginners Great song selection Difficulty scales to your ability. The Bad Presentation and campaign are weak Intimidating at first for newcomers. With... 

10/24/11 1:26 PM

Box Art: Developer: DICE Publisher: EA Platforms: PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 Release Date: October 25th, 2011 (NA), October 28th, 2011 (EU) Utilizing FROSTBITE 2.0: The next generation of Frostbite will debut with Battlefield 3. It will take full advantage of the DirectX 11 API and 64-bit processors,... 

10/22/11 1:22 PM

Death comes early and often in this extremely challenging and realistic tactical shooter.   The Good Mostly authentic look at infantry combat in WWII Extremely challenging, due to realistic modeling of damage and cover Atmospheric, well-designed maps. The Bad Single-player... 

10/19/11 7:12 AM

Virtua Tennis 4 is a weak tennis game that fails to bring the series back to its glory days.   The Good Unique minigames are lots of fun Easy to learn. The Bad Overly simple controls lack depth Unrealistic sound effects Irritating music Camera angles make it difficult to use... 

10/19/11 7:10 AM

AFL Live offers up a fun game of Aussie Rules that gets the basics right but little else.   The Good Feels and plays like the real thing Fun playing with friends. The Bad Average looks Bare-bones features Some sluggish controls Awful commentary. Australian Rules Football... 

10/19/11 7:04 AM

You’re better off sticking with the movie than putting up with the unresponsive controls and shallow combat in Kung Fu Panda 2.   The Good Cutscenes capture the charm of the movies. The Bad Awful controls haunt you in every part of this game Shallow combat quickly becomes... 

10/19/11 7:01 AM

Despite solid driving physics, WRC 2 fails to make significant improvements on last year’s game, or keep up with its racing rivals.   The Good Super Special Stages and Group B are welcome additions Solid car handling Rally Academy is a good way to introduce novices to the sport. The... 

10/16/11 6:48 PM

Nuclear Dawn Review is an intense first-person shooter/real-time strategy hybrid that has a lot to offer when it comes to teamwork.   The Good Innovative design blending FPS action with hands-on RTS mechanics Solid balance with classes and weaponry Good variety of maps with interesting,... 

10/16/11 6:44 PM

Batman: City Review Arkham City’s irresistible world, joyous movement, rewarding combat, and varied side quests make it an exceptional adventure game.   The Good Atmospheric, fascinating world rich with details and secrets Satisfying, varied, hard-hitting combat Grappling and soaring... 

10/16/11 6:41 PM

With numerous traps, weapons, and an endless supply of one-liners, Orcs Must Die! dispenses death with satisfying variety.   The Good Great selection of traps and weapons Unlockable difficulty carries over your previous upgrades Different enemy types require tactical thinking Lots of replayability. The...